For over a Decade We Deliver Results.

Since 2008, we are focused on CEO search and head-hunting of executives for listed and non-listed companies in transformation situations. With a unique competence in technology, healthcare, and professional services – our extensive expertise delivers solutions.

We delivered results for almost one hundred successful businesses across Europe. We cooperate with investors and family offices and advise privately held companies in finding the right executives. In addition, strong handpicked interim managers help our clients to transform their businesses.

We operate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lithuania.

Executive Search for Corporates.

We head-hunt the best minds for listed and non-listed companies in transformational situations. We have successfully filled CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO and Chief Sales Officer Positions. We solely accept mandates for top management levels as well as top-tier interim management mandates.

Executive Search for Startups.

We strongly believe that we have a good instinct for young leaders who can elevate a startup to the next level. This includes newly established businesses as well as startups in turnaround situations. We have been cooperating with investors and family offices for almost a decade.

We Are the Right Partner for You.

As a trusted partner of our clients and candidates we oversee and organize the whole process from the initial contact to the final contract negotiations.

We Take a Personal Approach.

Founded by Dr. Frank Knoche we work “boutique style” with a small team of proven experts. The entire selection and hiring process right up to the successful signing with the candidate of choice is for us a hand-crafted process. Ensuring that the candidates best suit our client’s specific corporate culture is our top priority. We are focused on long-term relationships with clients and candidates: Therefore we will never push anybody into an agreement just to finish a sale.

Our character as a “boutique” as well as the demands that we place upon the quality of our work means that we only accept CEO search and other executive search assignments exclusively given to us. Furthermore, we only work for clients where we have a strong feeling that we can provide a sustainable solution.

We Take a Direct Approach.

We maintain an open and direct communication with our clients and candidates. We do not play games. And we expect commitment from our partners.

We Deliver Results. Very Fast.

Our clients and candidates are often surprised how fast we deliver reliable results. And believe us: You will be surprised, too.

We Bring the Best People to Your Company. We Deliver Results.Fast. Sustainable.

Dr. Frank Knoche

How We Work Together.

After we have made the joint decision to work together, we will follow the stages below to achieve the best results for you:

Understanding Your Needs.

Every CEO search and executive search process starts with understanding your needs: What is the current situation in your company and your industry? What is the ideal candidate for your vacancy? What are the goals and key success factors for the new position holder? What is the level of remuneration?

We take an analytical approach and think things through. We leave the beaten track and tread new paths. By the end of this step and based on our joint experience, we will come to an agreed understanding of the desired candidate profile.

Candidate Longlist.

Working with this desired profile, we provide you with a long-list of suitable candidates for your vacancy. In a joint adjustment process we agree on a strategy of which candidates to contact, and how.

Contacting Candidates.

We then contact the desired candidates in a discrete manner to determine under which conditions these candidates would be open to your specific vacancy.

Candidate Interviews.

We conduct initial interviews with suitable candidates and after a first background check we will send you an exposé of each candidate with a recommendation for further interviews with you. We accompany the whole interview process (as agreed upon).

Decision Process.

We support you throughout the whole process with the best candidates until you have signed a contract with your favorite candidate. In some cases psychometric assessments can help to make a final hiring decision. Upon request we will support you with these assessments.


Also upon request we will support the on-boarding process of your new executive. Besides detailed on-boarding services we offer executive coaching as well. Please ask us for a specific details.

Our Pricing Model.

Our Pricing Model Is Both Easy to Understand and Fair.

We will invoice you a fixed setup fee for our services mentioned above (excluding on-boarding). Payment of this fixed setup fee is required before we start working together.

After signing the contract with your ideal candidate there will be an additional fixed success fee as indicated in our offer. That’s it.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge fees as a percentage of a target annual salary. We work with fixed fees. Simple and fair.

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